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  The conference group has developed four routes of summer tourism in Wuhan.

  •    Route one,One-day tour of Wuhan ,Mainly include the Yellow Crane Tower, the Yangtze River Bridge, East Lake, Riverside Court, Guqin Taiwan and the Department of Lane and other attractions;

  •    Route two,Two days tour of the Three Gorges - Qingjiang Gallery,Mainly includes the Three Gorges Dam, Tanzi Ling, ladder lock, memorialpark, Qingjiang Buddha, wuluozhongli mountain and other scenic spots;

  •    Route three,Three days tour of En Shi,Mainly includes the Enshi toast City, Enshi wild mountains and rivers, Dragon Cave, Grand Canyon, Qingjiang beach and Tujia daughter city and other attractions;

  •    Route four,Four days tour of Wudang Mountain - ShenNongjiaMainly includes the prince's ancient group, mannan, Cao Sheng real lifetime palace stone temple, Jinding, Three Gorges waterfall, Shennong Valley and other scenic spots.


 One-day tour of WuhanReference price : 200 RMB

    This line covers the main attractions of Wuhan City, visitors in the tour process can enjoy the Wuhan natural landscape and cultural culture, taste the local characteristics of food and so on. Mainly include the Yellow Crane Tower, the Yangtze River Bridge, East Lake, Riverside Court, Guqin Taiwan and the Department of Lane and other attractions.

Yellow Crane Tower

Yangtze River Bridge

Huguang court

Nine female pier

Riverside Court

Guqin Station

Hubu Lane

Hubei Provincial Museum

Museum bells


Two days tour of the Three GorgesReference price : 600RMB

    The first day of the trip: the morning from the Hankou Railway Station to Yichang East Station, noon after a short break, the afternoon by the road bridge Museum, said the Three Gorges Project dedicated to the world water conservancy project, the National 5A Scenic Area Three Gorges Dam, The highest point of the altar of the altar altar overlooking the entire dam area, a glimpse of the Three Gorges majestic momentum; boarded the sightseeing elevator, enjoy the world's largest river lock - two-tier five-stage continuous ladder lock of talent; to the closure of the Memorial Park to watch the Three Gorges Dam Project Physical and image data, reproduction Gezhouba, the Three Gorges dam cut off the historic picture. After returning to Yichang, stay at the hotel.

   The next day trip: In the morning to go to the 5A level scenic area Qingjiang Gallery, view of the river rock dam location, step by step price increase wind and rain corridor, wear Pakistani time and space tunnel, view the Qingjiang folk customs and no scenery, Tujia style street view clear period Tujia ancient Building community. Tourism special terminal boarding, view of the Qingjiang Xiangying Gorge scenery, Castle Peak, such as Dai, river water waves vast, hundreds of islands dotted; the world's first natural generation of stone Buddha - Qingjiang Buddha, natural peacock Kaiping Hill and so on. The birthplace of Dengba culture Wu Lai Zhong Shan, Baihu Ting view of the scenery of the Qingjiang River, afternoon tour after the ride back to Wuhan, a pleasant journey to the end!

Three Gorges Highway

Three Gorges Dam

Altar ridge

Three Gorges Lock

Memorial Park

Geheyan dam

Tourist Wharf

Reflection Gorge

Qingjiang Buddha

Qingjiang white tiger Pavilion

Lin Jun Dian

Zhongli mountain



Three days tour of the Wulong fairy mountainReference price : 1100RMB

  The first day of the trip: Arrive in Enshi by train in the morning. Arrived in Enshi after visiting national AAA level scenic spots, Enshi folk customs of ethnic minorities in Enshi shows the core building and the feudal Tusi system in Enshi city have toast; Susu card into the cable car, fishing Luocha, view nine miniature toast palace into the hall. After that, visit Enshi's key tourist project -- Enshi's daughter city. Check In Hotel after the tour.

   The next day of the trip: Arrived in Enshi Grand Canyon in the morning, visit the Enshi Grand Canyon landscape tourism sector -- seven village area, I sigh cliff promenade, incense Art beats nature. extraordinary as if done by the spirits. ERON River Scenic joint seam on both sides of the steep cliffs; and mutual confrontation, male danger incomparable; many waterfalls, splash, spectacular; the bottom seam in many rapids, stone buildings, stone pit clouds, rocks everywhere. Check Inn Hotel after the tour.

   The third day of the trip: In the morning by car to "China's most beautiful place" was named "the most tourist value of the cave" of the world's six stunt cave one of Asia's first cave - Tenglong Cave: feel domestic independence A combination of high-tech and tourism, beyond the imagination of the light art art laser show and large-scale original ecological soil folk song and dance performances. After the tour is completed, Ichikawa Railway Station, return to Wuhan, the end of a pleasant journey!

Enshi Tusi City

 Enshi wild river

Enshi Tenglong Cave

Enshi Grand Canyon

Qingjiang Chuangtan

Tujia daughter city


Four days tour of the Three GorgesReference price : 1600RMB

  The first day of the trip: In the morning 8:00 by car arrived in Shiyan; to Wudang Mountain area; visit Prince Taizu ancient group, visit the ancient group of four must: nine yellow river wall, a four door, ten osmanthus fragrance, a column of twelve beams; Rock palace area, visit the nectar grass holy, thanks to the leading incense, tour days B really palace stone palace. check in to a hotel.

  The next day of the trip: Departure to Tianzhu Feng visit the palace, into the top of the mountain in the Zijin City, the imperial Church, climbing nine piers, then visit China's largest, well-preserved well-known palace - After the ride back to the tourist center of tourists; after lunch to Wudang Railway Station; train arrived in Yichang, stay at the hotel.

  The fourth day of the trip: After breakfast visit after visit Shennong altar; Tianshengqiao scenic area: natural bridge, shadow lake, Laojun Kikunami, clear mountain, people enjoy the old cottage, opera, Shennong mist tea, drink authentic corn liquor taste, Shennong bride cake; drive back the way at their own expense to tour the Three Gorges waterfall scenic spot. Let you relax and enjoy yourself, then arrive at YiChang East Railway Station, take the motor train back to Hankou, and end the happy journey!

Wudang Mountain

Shennongjia scenic spot -1

Shennongjia scenic spot -2

Shennongjia scenic spot -2

Shennongjia scenic spot -4

Shennongjia scenic spot -5