1. Registration fee

Registration fee

Advance Rate::

On or before Apr.30

Registration fee

Non-advance rate::

After Apr.30

Attendee with 1 paper



For students, TCCT, IEEE,CAA members



Attendee with 2 paper



For students, TCCT, IEEE,CAA members



Attendee without paper



For students ,TCCT ,IEEE ,CAA members



No Conference CD and ;Banquet, and only for on site registration



1. At least one of the authors listed on the paper must pre-register for the conference to upload the final manuscript.

2. Up to two papers of the same author can be uploaded by this author. If more than two need to re-register and pay .

3. The final manuscript is limited to six pages. Papers exceeding six pages may be submitted upon payment of overlength page charges of 300 RMB for each extra page. A maximum of TWO extra pages above normal six are permitted.

4. A reduced rate (i.e., 200 RMB off) applies for full-time students, CAA members, IEEE members, and TCCT members.

2.Method of Payment

The following payment method is only for the authors from other countries or regions outside of Chinese Mainland. If you are from Chinese Mainland, please refer to this webpage.

Registration fee can be paid by credit card on line. Please log in the online submission system ( with your PIN and password, click "Conference Registration" of CCC2018 to start your registration.

Both Visa card and MasterCard are accepted.

3. Final Submission Requirements

The proceedings of the CCC2018 will be printed a flash disk (USB). To help us in preparing the proceedings, please note the followings:

3.1 Paper Length

Each paper is limited to six (6) pages of A4 size. Authors may upload a longer manuscript up to eight (8) pages in total. However, each page in excess of six will incur a charge of RMB 300 (USD 50, EUR 40).

3.2 Paper Format

We accept papers only in two formats: MS Word and Latex. There are four samples respectively for MS Word (Chinese and English) and Latex (Chinese and English) available at Please follow the samples strictly.

3.3 Deadline for Final Submission

Dec 15, 2017

3.4 Files Required

Please submit (a) .pdf file, and (b) source file (Word, or LaTeX), and (c) image file(s) (if any for LaTeX).

3.5 Submission Method

Only e-submission is acceptable. Please visit the Conference Paper Management System ( , login your personal account, access author center of CCC2018, click the link "Final submission", and follow the instructions to provide necessary information, transfer copyright form, and upload the files. Note that the system accepts only .doc, .tex, .pdf, .zip and .rar types of files. The size of the uploaded file is limited to 4M bytes. If you have some image files, it is suggested that you zip all your files into a package and then submit it.

4. Particular Reminders

  • 1) All the authors have to register at the Conference Paper Management System ( to get their PINs, and complete the author list which coincides with the paper in the final submission form. Otherwise, the name(s) of the author(s) without inputted PIN(s) will not appear in the Proceedings, Final Program, etc.

  • 2) In the page of "Final Submission", please fill in the PIN of Speaker (or Poster). We will use it for Session (or Poster Board) arrangement.

  • 3) Should you have any problem in preparing and submitting your paper, please contact us via

  • 4) The Conference Final Announcement will be sent to you later, which will provide further information about the final program, registration, hotel, tour etc.

  • 5) Please check the website updated information.