Plenary Lectures

The plenary lectures will be delivered by

  Name:Professor Lei Guo

  Affiliation: Chinese Academy of Sciences,
                        Beijing, China

  Title: Towards a Theoretical Foundation of PID Control


  Name:Professor Brian D. O. Anderson

  Affiliation: The Australian National University,
                        Canberra, Australia

                        Hangzhou Dianzi University

  Title:Beyond Consensus and Polarisation: Complex Social Phenomena in Social Networks


  Name:Professor Xiaoming Hu

  Affiliation: Royal Institute of Technology,                                           Stockholm 

  Title:Attitude Control of  Multi-rigid-body Systems: from Synchronization to Intrinsic Formation


  Name: Professor Francesco Bullo

  Affiliation: University of California, Santa


  Title: Network Science and Kuramoto Oscillators


  Name:Professor Philip Chen

  Affiliation: University of Macau, Macau, China

  Title: Broad Learning: A Paradigm Shift in Discriminative Incremental Learning


  Name:Professor Kouhei Ohnishi

  Affiliation: Keio University, Tokyo, Japan

  Title:"Real Haptics"


  Name:Professor Jie Huang

  Affiliation: The Chinese University of Hong
                        Kong,Hong Kong, China

  Title: The Certainty Equivalence Principle and the
              Cooperative Control of Multi-agent Systems