The intersection of two rivers, Wuhan, Binhu, Binjiang, Three Kingdoms mountain, natural resources is very superior. Not to mention the nine provinces in Wuhan, the hustle and bustle of the city into the elegant taste and bookish convergence here, highlighting its infinite and lovely, full of vigour, simple and straightforward. If the taste of Hankou is strong, such as a glass of liquor, watching the noisy crowd and bustling streets, alcohol aroma blowing. The Wuchang is elegant quiet, like a cup of tea, quiet fragrance, 100 tire products. Not only the beauty of Wuhan.

  Wuhan has a long history, the northern Huangpi County in recent years has been found in the Panlong city ruins, dating back about 3500 years ago, the Shang dynasty. The Three Kingdoms period, in Wuchang and Hanyang and Jiangxia have built a month is the famous commercial port city, Tang Dynasty, Ming and Qing Dynasties as one of "four famous towns" in china. Chinese in modern history, the three towns around the 1911 Revolution revolutionary sites, the first meaning in this, the existing uprising door site, a Wuchang Yuemachang is at the command center, the existing statue of Sun Zhongshan.

  Wuhan is rich in freshwater resources. The first Asian Yangtze River and Han River tributaries in the city intersection. In addition, Wuhan city still large and small ten belong to the Yangtze River freshwater lake (if you count the suburb has more than and 100 lakes, it is also the name of "100 Lake City"). Wuhan East Lake is China's largest city lake, lake line length of more than and 110 km, water area of up to 33 square kilometers, is the Hangzhou waters of the area of 6 times. In the area of Wuhan City, the water area accounts for about 1/4.

  As the capital city of Wuhan is a city full of warmth, with their tolerance and love Wuhan, make the city full of deep human touch. Wuhan is a city where you don't want to go. There are so many people love things, beauty, delicacy, scenery, history, culture, art, chess, night...... Let those who do not want to leave, let the future fascinated.

Beautiful scenery:


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